My name is jessy. I am a teacher and a travelguide from the Netherlands. I try to capture, investigate, draw and teach stories. I have a passion for innovation in education and want to share and gather knowledge with my company named merakis. 

Teaching merakis

The workshops and materials i create, and are created while teaching, thrive in an international environment. Mythology and adventure; a history to ones choices, transcend and break boundaries in a world that, due to technology, seems to shrink every day. 

As a history teacher with a university degree as well as a cambridge english jurisdiction, i am fascinated by the history that surrounds us and the function of stories and mythology in the lives of the young students that face the challenges of the 21st century in an international setting, mostly by themselves. 


Could it be that the disappearance of myth in their daily lives causes obstacles that even joseph campbell did not forsee when he was writing about the cohesion between mythology and psychology, back in the eightees?
With my own interpretation of the monomyth, i try to get young people to think about their own values, goals, fears and treasures;
in short, their own legacy. 

What i can offer to your students

- interactive workshops about the adventure of mythology that makes us realize adventure is mere a myth, when following the hero footpath

- learning about the function of mythology from explaining the kosmos to diverse lifestages
- connections with the news around us and digital competences
- built around 21st century skills and a holistic view of learning 
- the possibility of clil (content and language integrated learning)
- activities that supplement deep-seated stories;
from greek to navajo to aboriginal myth, like filling pandoras box or creating ones own dreamtime. 

'I have learned that dreams and fears are universal and that there are many journeys to make. I loved the story of prometheus and the fire that was given to the people.”              -  dutch student, 15 years old-